Mold Counter 2.0 Data acquisition and database software to count mold data

for Windows and Mac OS 

Mold Counter 2.0 is data acquisition and database software to count mold data for Windows and Mac OS.

  • Point and click mold name to register mold counts, or
  • Type key codes associated with categories (one touch records a count), or
  • Edit values in cells directly
  • Mold counting form serves as a mold report page
  • View data by raw counts, percent or concentration (spores/liter)
  • Mold database stores all your work in one location
  • Retrieve mold data quickly and easily
  • Search, sort and compare mold data
  • Client data may be exported to merge with a standard report in MS-Word.

  • Counting functions:
  • Click on screen to register mold counts
  • Add or subtract counts to a category
  • Errors may be subtracted from any category
  • Software speaks* the category name for audible feedback so that you know you clicked the correct button
  • Automatic totaling and calculation of percent and concentration data for primary categories.
  • Counting forms are included for air (m3), tape (cm2) and non-quantitative (just %)
  • Categories outside the sum are not included in total and calculations
  • Unlimited number of counts
  • Data may be exported as tab-delimited ASCII text, comma delimited ASCII text, SYLK, DBF, DIF, WKS, Basic, Merge, HTML table, FileMaker, Edition
  • Exported data is compatible with all spreadsheet and statistics applications
  • Data files are ready for immediate plotting and analysis, or just print the counting form and use it as the mold report page

  • System requirements:
  • Windows: 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP
  • Mac OS 8.6 or higher, Mac OS X 10.0 to 10.4

  • Price:
    $150 US Dollars for the first copy
    Site licenses available for multiple copies at $550 per 5 users

    Additional services:
    The application may be customized to suit your needs. Rate: $70/hr of programming time. Most changes will require much less than 1 day programming time.

    *Note: Speech is Mac only. Speech can be accomplished for Windows, but this requires third party speech software and additional customization time.

    For more flexible counting software, check out Counter 4.0 for Windows and Mac OSX.

    Contact: or
    Mold Identification, L.L.C.
    Attn: Dr. Pierre A. Zippi
    7518 Twin Oaks Ct.
    Garland, TX 75044

    Example sample report page below:

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